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Web Development

buildrrDIGITAL’s vast experience in web design and development

enables us to utilize a variety of implementation platforms and strategies to provide the most effective and cost-efficient approach to each client project. Businesses contacting us typically have website requirements that fall into one of these three categories:

Marketing or Informational
Website Development

eCommerce Website Development

Custom Functionality and Enterprise Integration Website Development

Marketing or Informational websites

For those needing a marketing or informational website we typically use WordPress, the most widely used platform for website development in the world. By combining this platform with other backend productivity tools, the result is a rapid development environment with a user-friendly administrative platform where the client’s personnel can easily update most content with minimal technical knowledge.


eCommerce Website Development

For those whose objective is to launch an eCommerce site with relatively typical operational requirements, we will often recommend, based on its analysis of client needs, a solution that incorporates a commercially available eCommerce platform along with our customization and configuration services to complete the project. The intent is to save the client’s time and money which would otherwise be used to develop functionality already in place in these platforms. 

Custom Functionality and Enterprise Integration Website Development

For those that need a website with requirements who needs can not reasonably be addressed using conventional CMS platforms  we have developed modular tools that enable us to rapidly develop complex web-based business applications using the MVC (Model View Controller) Programming Methodology. Using an open-source and highly supported framework (CakePHP) as a starting point, we have created a rich array of functionally specific plugin modules that embody the capabilities frequently requested by custom site clients. Our long history of successfully delivering such sites gives us an advantage for clients with a need for a fully custom developed website solution.


buildrrDIGITAL Project Methodology for Web Development

During our 15+ years of operation, we developed a highly effective methodology with which to build, maintain, and promote website applications. Successful development projects don’t just happen. They are planned, worked on, adjusted, re-planned, worked on, etc. This is done continuously, and with an unending drive toward a common goal. Successful projects embrace the fact that plans are only a start.

Typically, we will complete one or more deliverables that can be viewed or tested at the end of each phase. By being aware that each project will have unexpected issues arise, we leave room to make course corrections when they occur. This not only reduces risk, but it also allows us to take advantage of the knowledge gained during each phase. This methodology enables us to always be working on the highest value items.

To learn more about us, check out our previous projects here, where you will find a representative collection from our diverse client base. Or, you can check what our customers have said about us here. You can also find reviews of our work posted independently by our clients at https://clutch.co/profile/buildrr.

  • 1


    We drill down on aesthetic and functional requirements with enough precision to validate the proposed work plan and delverables.

  • 2


    Develop SEO keyword strategy and design UI wireframes.  Prepare detailed specification for custom programming tasks

  • 3


    Launch of Development Platform with implementation of first iteration deliverables.

  • 4


    Complete remaining deliverables and initiate unit testing.

  • 5


    Complete validation of all test cases. Provide client training and begin site launch preparation.

  • 6


    Buildrr can also host the live site as it does for many of its site development clients.