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About  buildrrDIGITAL

We are a full service web agency that began its operation in 2003. During its 15+ years of operation we developed a highly effective methodology and platform with which to build, maintain, and promote website applications. Our home base, originally New York, moved to Florida in 2015.  Our management team alone has more than 50 years of software and web development experience. Add in a cultivated group of trusted partners and you have a professional, responsive and focused team especially crafted to meet your needs.

Our goal is to have long term relationships with our clients, that’s why in addition to website development we also offer ongoing web hosting and site support. We believe that by doing so we can deliver optimum value to our clients to help them achieve their goals and the more successful our clients are, the more successful we will be.


Our Mission

is to establish long-term relationships with our clients which is why became a full service agency. We believe this enables us to form a close partnership with our  clients and gives them the peace of mind they need to achieve their goals.

We believe that the more successful our clients are the more successful we will be. 


Our History


Back in 2000, when the internet ran on Netscape Navigator, Richard Kersey, the founder of buildrrDIGITAL, was working for a large national media company. Richard was tasked with a broad combination of responsibilities including sales, account management and the design and deployment of the latest in web technology.

In 2003, backed by a few customers, Richard was able to go out on his own. He formed RazorIT and assembled a small team of designers and developers to fulfill a constant stream of on-going web management, design, and strategy consulting projects. Over the years, the company constructed hundreds of websites for companies both large and small.   In 2013 the RazorIT name was changed to Buildrr.

As often happens with first time entrepreneurs, after years of running the company himself, Richard decided it was time to move on and so he put the company up for sale in mid-2015.

After more than 20 years running enterprise level companies in the financial services software market, I decided to leave the corporate world and after a few years of recharging my batteries I began a search for companies in the web agency space with an interest in being acquired and in which I felt I could make a positive contribution. During the search I discovered Buildrr. I was immediately impressed with its longevity and the quality of its portfolio. When I observed the variety and appeal of the sites it had developed as well as the diversity of its clients including enterprise level marquis companies as such as Lenovo and Mathnasium and a broad assortment of local entrepreneurs, I knew my search was over.

In late 2015, my company Micyn Holdings, Inc. acquired Buildrr and since then a team of talented developers and I have been focused on our goal which is to assure that our client's objectives are satisfied at the highest standards of service quality so that they will champion our growth in the coming years and long into the future.  In June of 2018, we decided to change the companies name to buildrrDIGITAL to more effectively communication our business focus.


Michael Jackman 


Michael Jackman, CEO


Mr. Jackman, now CEO of buildrrDIGITAL, has held many senior executive positions with public and private companies in the software and financial services industries. During his tenure as President of the Financial Services Group at HNC Software Inc., now a subsidiary of Fair Isaacs, Jackman lead the strategic planning and product development teams in the use of advanced predictive technologies to augment traditional business process software solutions. HNC launched a highly successful IPO in 1995. Jackman’s went on to become the first CIO of Accredited Home Lenders in 1997, where he was instrumental in developing its technology strategy. Accredited later went on to become the most successful NASD IPO in 2003. Mr. Jackman also served as president of Fiserv’s, a loan origination software unit. Jackman left Fiserv to become the President and CEO of INTERLINQ Software Corporation (NASD: INLQ), a software development company serving the mortgage industry since the 1980’s where he stayed until he sold the company to Harland Financial Solutions.