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WordPress vs. Movable Type vs. Drupal vs. Joomla

In the past, I've written that Movable Type and WordPress were on almost even footing. This is simply no longer the case. WordPress is better, faster, and stronger. WordPress can be setup in minutes, the admin tool allows you to use it as a complete CMS (Content Management System), and the pages are coded for speed not to be a bunch of graphically pleasing but slow loading gradients. Why Movable Type made such an unbelievably slow loading backend is beyond me. Who needs a backend or admin tool that looks great, but sacrifices efficient functionality? If you're starting a new site, do yourself a favor and start it with WordPress.


Now when it comes to Drupal or Joomla as a content management system, you're looking at a big learning curve for learning how to administer your site. Not so with WordPress. Both Joomla and Drupal will have a more features, but since you probably won't be able to find them, you probably won't know they exist and won't ever use them. Since it sounds like I'm starting to bash what are actually good tools, I'll have to stop this post and allow you to make a decision. WordPress has just set the bar so high, others have a lot of catching up to do.