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Will wireless ever completely supplant wired communications?

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Wireless will never completely supplant wired communication because there will always be walls, tunnels, weather, interference, dead spots, and other generally unpleasant inclement conditions that contribute to the “Can you hear me now?��? syndrome.

Wireless communication is still too nescent to replace hard wired communications reliability and security. While fiber optic lines are almost impossible to tap, wireless communications are not as secure or reliable as wires. Wireless may be great in an office setting, but if you look at a WAN scenario, a signal would have to complete too many jumps in order to traverse large distances using an inordinate amount of power and establishing an unreasonably high service cost.

Some cities have gone completely wireless by installing Wi-Fi city wide, yet no one has mentioned that such amounts of microwave radiation may not be very healthy in the long run. Also, due to the relative short range of existing wireless devices, more such devices need to be deployed to create “hot zones��? where dead spots are not a problem.

Looking into the future, I cannot image that a wireless device will ever be able to carry the same volume of information, at the same speed, reliability, and security as an optical cable.

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