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Who Is The Point Person?

Every project should have a point person. The person that’s going to be in charge of the website development project for the customer. It’s better to have a point person than a committee to make every decision. When there is a lot of red tape projects take forever to complete. If every little change needs a committee to make a decision, it adds unnecessary time to the project schedule. It can cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in customers and user adoption due to a lack of speed to market. There’s nothing worse than being involved in a project that’s moving at a snail’s pace. Not only does it cost the company’s money, the web developer, and the client, there’s a mental strain that goes along with it. Therefore, it’s better to choose somebody that can be totally dedicated to your web development project. If this person is a part timer or unavailable or not fully committed to the project’s completion date then it’s time to find somebody who is.

Are They Truly Dedicated To The Project?

A web development or design company needs to have somebody who represents the customer that is fully dedicated to the project and its success. There is a lot of back-and-forth communication required to complete a web development project. Questions need answers and decisions made. Rather than hiring a new person to be fully dedicated to the project, it is better to have someone very familiar with the company. They should possess the influence within to drive adoption and make critical decisions without multiple layers of approval. If you want to have a committee to make decisions because it affects a huge user group and there are great ramifications for failure, we completely understand, but please realize that this will affect the project timeline dramatically. Things will take longer. If you’re okay with that we are okay with that. Just make sure you have a point person that understands what’s involved in moving a project forward. Just another tip from the best web development company in the world!

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