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What Color is Your Collar?

Workers are often referred to be the characteristics of their uniforms or clothing. A "Blue-collar worker" is a member of the working class, who performs manual labor and earns an hourly wage. The term "white-collar worker" refers to a salaried professional, typically referring to general office workers and management. A pink-collar worker (yes, pink) performs jobs in the service like waiting on tables, along with nursing and teaching.

Our client PaulsJob.com understands the difference in these job roles. They took the guesswork out of Craigslist and created a job portal focusing on these three primary job roles. Whether your collar is blue, white, or pink, this website is for you. If you’re looking for work in your geographical area this website will help you find it. Simplicity is important with every web design, but this client took it to the next level. They tried their best to make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. It’s a key component with every site design. The success of sites like Craigslist prove one very important fact. For some websites aesthetics aren’t really all that important as long as it’s functional. This site is certainly that. It’s fast and easy to use for any audience that can read. It’s designed primarily for jobs in the United States, but this client understands their market and how big it is. Tapping into it with an easy-to-use platform was the primary goal here. We accomplished it. We understand what our customers are looking for because we listen to them. Isn’t that what you would expect from the best web development company in the world?


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