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There is a Market Opportunity for a Better Search Engine Than Google

Be warned, this article is a bit of a rant, but a rant that might inspire some budding entrepreneur to make the next billion dollar company (could I be any more arrogant?). There is a problem with Google, and there-in lies a market opportunity for someone who can solve that problem and build a better search engine. Let me begin with a story...

I am sitting behind a computer in the office of a web development company that creates custom applications to fit a specific company's business model, writing an article about Google.  I spend some time every day thinking about and trying to find ways to show up higher in Google search results for terms like "web design company".  We create original content, helpful articles, and manage various social media accounts to promote them -- along with about a million other things you have to do for search engine optimization.

Now here's the admission of guilt... We're not a content company.  We don't have any desire to write articles, to create videos about web design, or web development, to make white papers and host webinars, etc.. What we really want to do, is build awesome custom web applications.  We simply love building the cool things that people like you come up with! (Hence the name "buildrrDIGITAL.com" 🙂

Google doesn't find the best web design companies, Google finds the best content writers about web design.

But Google says... " Provide high-quality content on your pages". What they've told us is, if buildrr.com wants to be in front of people searching Google for things like, "custom web development", then we are required to spend our time writing content, posting blog articles, managing social media accounts, and so on.

So I ask you... Is the company who spends the most time writing the best content the best web design company?
My answer... NO!

Therefore, there is a major fundamental disconnect in how Google ranks companies compared to what the actual human who was doing the search, wanted to find. In our example, Google doesn't find the best web design companies, Google finds the best content writers about web design.

I think a better search engine can be created, that returns more relevant search results if you are the entrepreneur who can think of a way to bridge that fundamental flaw. If we could focus 100% of our time on doing the building that we love to do, wouldn't that make us a better company? Is the company that spends 50% doing work, and 50% writing content really who the user searching Google wants to find?
A better algorithm than Google's can be created!

We have some idea for how to do it, but thats a discussion for a different time. I've spent enough time on writing content for today and need to get back to building awesome websites.