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The Best Client We Ever Had!!!

The best client we've ever had...

...invested a small fraction of the money some larger clients invested in their web design project, but he got more than his share of effort out of everyone because he was able to key in on some aspects of human nature that got results. Motivating your web development company is an important part in getting the best out of them (For that matter it's an important part of getting anyone who works for you to go above and beyond).

Motivation is energy in a battery. It can be fully charged, or it can be dripping like a leaky faucet. If you're not actively recharging and motivating the people who are working for your benefit, then they are probably losing motivation just like a battery slowly drains.

Here are some key things our best client ever did, and how you can motivate people to get amazing results.

  1. Make money a non-issue.  He was upfront about what he had to spend. He paid quickly and even asked to pay before being asked. (Nothing is worse than doing work and begging to get paid for it.)  Even if you're not paying the most, paying fast makes your money worth significantly more than someone who takes their time.
  2. Give praise and rewards without being asked.  He gave referrals, reviews and tips for how to get in touch with other clients like him almost immediately after the very first piece of work was received.  The project was barely started, but he was using non-monetary rewards to up his value to us from the get go.
  3. Never make threats.  He understood negative motivations --- bad reviews, withholding money, etc --- get 1/10th the results of any of positive motivations.  He saw how negatives only serve to put up walls and back people into corners.
  4. Be courteous about the need for meetings.  He would ask for meetings only when truly necessary, would set an agenda, and would stick to it. The goal being to get in and out quickly and efficiently while conveying all the points needed quicker than email can.

Even though we put everything we have into each project, somehow this person showed us that there was even more in the reserve. He showed us that you can get more out of people when you have respect for their time and effort and show it with actions that prove it.