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Your Sales Funnel Lives Online!

Most of us understand the concept of the sales funnel. You attract a lot of prospective clients which meet your customer criteria and as they go through the sales process they become customers. The more prospective customers you put in the funnel, the more actual customers you should have. The same is true online. The more targeted prospects you send to your site, the more customers you should have. The more doors leading to your site the better. So, ask yourself how you would find your company if it was you. Would it be an online search? Most likely. What would you search for? What search terms would you use to find your company? What you think are the most popular search terms doesn’t mean they necessarily are? A quick way to test this is to talk to some professionals or family members you trust. Sit over their shoulder as they search for companies in your field. The experience can be very telling and quite surprising.


Your online presence is just one leg on the stool when it comes to your online sales funnel. Traditional marketing methodologies do help in driving traffic to your existing website. When combined with targeted search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization, mixed with social media, and good content you have a winner. There are many ways to find our company online, not just a few. Prospective customers looking for the best web development company on the planet will find us. All you have to do is search best web development company, and we are on page one of Google. If you look for best web design agencies you may find us on an award web site. If you’re looking for a top SEO company, you will find us. We can increase your sales funnel as we’ve done for ourselves. Just another tip from the best web development company in the world!


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