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Lenovo Brings 3D to the Desktop?

Three dimensional interaction has picked up another supported platform, and happens to be from one of the brands in our client list.  Lenovo - has unveiled a first for the PC at CES 2015!  The RealSense 3D Camera, which reads the position of your hands in real space. Although there has been 3D interacting hardware for some time (Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move, LeapMotion), this is the first time that it has been built into a desktop computing environment.

featured image and video by leap motion

What might this mean for the web design and web development industry? 

By itself, it's just another step towards the trend of a more immersive user interaction and experience (for non-Oculus Rift users).  As 3D motion sensing becomes more widely adopted (Is Apple working on a phone with this technology yet?), it will eventually reach a critical mass, and be available for enough people that everyone will want it, OR...

Actually, that probably won't happen like that.  It's not just availability that leads to widespread adoption.  What the world is really waiting for is the "killer app".  The application that screams... you have to have this, and you have to have this 3d interactive hardware to have this experience.

Some budding entrepreneur needs to have the killer app idea.  Hardware is only as good as the software made for it, and the 3d interactive technology is dying for someone to come up with that "must have" application.  There is a big business waiting to be created, and maybe, just maybe that innovative entrepreneur will take that application straight to the cloud and need a great web development company to make that business dream come true.  (Maybe one that is an early adopter of the Leap Motion technology, and a part of the first-wave of developers in their developer program... like Buildrr.com 🙂