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If You Build It Will They Come? All About Generating Website Traffic

How To Create Website Traffic

Most websites online don't get very much traffic. Sadly, this is this truth. The problem is because too many webmasters have believed the old wives tale that if they built it, people would simply come. Or, they felt that by throwing up some quickly thrown together content with a few keywords, people would be magically led to their wonderful piece of web real estate from the mighty Google. Once you get right down to and come to accept the fact that traffic generation is a job that requires actual work, then you can learn these tactics and how to 'create' website traffic, almost at will.

The Pockets Of Traffic Concept:

It might help if you start to think of the internet as a big city or town. Within each place there are different areas and neighborhoods, or even sections. It is in these sections where people online congregate to spend time together. All of these various destinations can be thought of as little pockets.

This pockets of traffic concept can literally revolutionize the way you think about traffic and how you work to try and capture or divert some of it to your website. Once you know where people are hanging out online, the next step is to simply devise some method of getting in front of them and leading them where you want them to go.

Social Site Traffic Pockets:

Of course, many people are using social media sites. Think about places like Facebook and Twitter to be sure, but it goes much deeper than this. If you haven't ever considered using LinkedIn for business, you really should. There is also Pinterest and Instagram and probably a dozen more that you have never heard of.

Take advantage of all this. Develop a Facebook fan page for your business or website. Then advertise to the folks who meet your demographic requirements and they will start coming. Give them engaging and helpful content and they will visit your site and some will become customers.

Other Pockets Of Traffic:

Pockets of traffic are all over the web. For example, you might be able to use places like Craigslist, Yahoo Answers, and even blogs and forums (make sure to be helpful by providing real value before you leave your link). Here are a number of other places that can be used to find and the drive traffic to your site:

  • Quora
  • Instructibles
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Stumble Upon
  • Scribd
  • Google Plus

There are probably tons more, as well. This is simply meant to get your creative juices flowing. Yes, you will have to develop a particular strategy for each one. Some, like Craigslist, might involve placing advertisements. Others, like most blogs and forums, will involve writing thoughtful posts or articles that actually speak to the needs, issues, and concerns real people in your market are having.

Bottom Line:

The idea of pockets of traffic should help clear up many misconceptions about where online traffic is 'hiding.' Once you have determined where your potential customers are, you simply need to develop an appropriate strategy and methodology that puts something in front of them they need and want. Yes, it will require real work and an investment of actual time. However, this type of traffic generation is very solid and consistent. It is truly how to create website traffic.