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How To Mess Up Your Online Marketing –

Online marketing continues to grow in size, scope, and popularity. According to Forbes, by the end of 2015 marketing spending on TV and digital will be almost equal. This is a huge change from just five years ago when TV marketing was dwarfing the size and scope of online. The problem comes that even when you know that you should be doing something (more) with your online marketing, it might be a bit difficult to define exactly what that "something" is.  Of course, it's an even bigger problem if you want to mess up your marketing.  All you'll find on the internet is how to do great marketing, what the best thing to do is.  A bunch of self proclaimed experts who can tell you just how you should do it right.  Clearly, the millions of people who want to mess up their marketing, is a vastly underserved market that needs a some attention.

Don't Plan :

This is perhaps the easiest way to go all in on messing up your marketing. Many businesses do this without even thinking about it, because that's literally how you accomplish it. Many businesses don't have a cohesive marketing strategy. They will quickly eat up a lot time, money, and effort by not spending the time necessary on planning.  Those businesses that work to understand their marketplace, their competitors, customer demographics, distribution methods, and even current and emerging trends, are doing it the right way.  If you want to mess up your marketing, don't follow their lead.

The businesses doing it right have a clear idea of their position. This means having a clear idea of where they are strong and where they are weak. They know their threats, challenges, and opportunities and also, actually sit down and define the objectives and goals to come out of their marketing. Which KPI's (key performance indicators) will be used to measure their progress.  These businesses are sure to define them.

Finally, they have a budget. This could be considered it's own topic for how to mess up your marketing, but the businesses that are not messing up, know this budget broken down according to channel. even if they have a limited budget.

Don't Pay Attention to Content Marketing :

Content is still king online and to mess it up you should not be constantly churning out new and fresh pieces of information for your audience. Some other key things you could do is ignore what makes great content. Don't put a lot of time in writing good titles. Every good writer knows the title is the main thing that draws someone into the information. This is like the headline to an ad... it will capture the viewers attention and they will continue reading. If you don't have a good title, if you don't create eye-catching and thought provoking titles, your goal of messing up will be solved by simply getting ignored.

Also don't focus on where and how your content is shared. Obviously, you won't want to be focused on getting shares in those places frequented by your target audience. If those looking to hire you or buy your products don't even have the chance to learn how you can help them, your marketing efforts will be messed up thoroughly. Oh, and while social media can be a great place for sharing online content, don't forget it is not the only place. Make sure you also do not find out if your audience uses other sites where they might be reachable for sharing your content.

Don't Use Analytics Tools :

If you really want to miss the boat, then don't track the performance of your online marketing. How will you know what is working and what isn't? Yet, this is exactly what too many businesses do. Even social media sites will be able to show you the numbers of your ads and posts...but if they don't, consider a tool like HootSuite or Buffer for an at-a-glance look at your metrics.

Once you have the numbers, then things get interesting. Here is where you can perform tests of various headlines, offers, and a host of other elements to your online marketing. Ultimately, marketing is about constantly measuring, evaluating, and then incrementally improving your performance. This is how you can take online ads that only convert .5% to 5% and higher...a little at a time, all through the use of analytics.

Bottom Line:

It's a lot easier to mess up marketing than to do it right.  Planning, researching, and tracking are time consuming and tough.  Instead, get serious about messing up your marketing by skipping all the tough stuff and just blow through the budget you didn't set anyway.