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How To: Be Different Without Reinventing the Wheel

Our business thrives on creativity and most likely so does yours. Creativity doesn’t mean changing each and every way we accomplish something. For example, the space shuttle was creatively different from any other space vehicle in existence. However, it was built on foundational principles from hundreds of previous flights and tests over a period of many years. Typically, being different involves expanding on a successful idea in a way that no one has even thought of. Usually, what is driving the creativity is the demand of the present. Maybe a market that has been established for many years gives evidence that it requires a new way of approaching it. If so, don’t reinvent the wheel. Look at the picture above, do you see the progression? Same concept, better version.

It would be better to build your website strategy around the fundamental principles on which your market was built. Then expand or adjust the way that market approaches you with a creative influence that can be instantly tied to traffic and revenue. Add creativity in doses. If you have hundreds of ideas, it will be better to implement one or two with your first website launch and then continue to bring creative new enhancements to your website strategy. Versioning control will allow you to save money and time while effectively marketing new creative ideas without building an entirely new way of doing business. The Wright brothers invented the airplane, but Virgin Atlantic has taken it to a new level. They took an existing concept, expanded it, and enhanced it and you can do the same. Just another tip from the best web company in the world!


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