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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Marketing

More and more consumers not only have smart phones, but are relying on them more than ever before. Nearly nine out of ten Americans own a cell phone and more than half of them are smart phones. This also points to the fact that when people are not on the internet, there is still a really good chance they will be connected with their mobile device. It only makes sense to begin exploring ways small businesses can benefit from mobile marketing.

Benefits Of Mobile Marketing :

The naysayers are very wrong on this one...it is very affordable to use mobile apps and advertising, at least when compared to other media and marketing platforms. You won't need to pay postage, printing, or even any air time. Yes, it will take a bit of time and resources to get started, but probably will only cost a nominal per text message fee and even this may decrease substantially as volume increases.

You will not need to wait very long in order to have your message seen. Delivery can happen literally within seconds. Not only this, but interactivity can lead to a lot of very fast responses. In fact, the very nature of the mobile format lead to a natural two-way interaction. Plus, you can track your message down to its finest details in order to improve future campaigns.

First Stage—Optimize Your Site For Mobile :

A very common complaint heard by mobile users is that surfing the web leads to many, many sites that just look horrible on a mobile phone or device. The sad fact of the matter is that most small businesses have never even considered making their websites mobile friendly.

This is actually not that hard to do, although it will probably cost some time. You will need to essentially develop a secondary home page such that a user on a mobile device is automatically recognized when visiting...and then directed to the proper place.

Develop Your Mobile App :

This is something that will really set you apart, and you want to have this up and running as fast as possible. Make sure it is also reliable, easy-to-use, and something customers can navigate quickly. They should be able to access all the features needed to do business with you right away, even enabling their data (such as address and payment information) to be saved for future use.

You might even want to create another version or your app designed for rewards and perks. This could be promoted as a loyalty program where you give away prizes and other incentives to valued and loyal customers. It really builds a higher level of interaction and attention with your customers. Maybe also add direct messaging. Any customer who signs up for that will receive special deal, promos, and other incentives. Combine this with geofencing and they can even get messages when they are within a certain distance of your physical location.

Bottom Line :

There really is so much you can do with mobile marketing that it doesn't make sense any longer to wait. By getting started today, you can hep ensure your customers are reachable in their most preferred and used environment—their mobile smart phones. Plus, it will dramatically increase the amount of your marketing success without significantly increasing costs.