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How Digital Advertising changes in 2017 – New Opportunities and Challenges

Change is the only constant in digital advertising.

Google changes its search algorithm 500-600 times each year – Bringing the biggest impact on search advertising.

Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube and all other popular websites embrace new technology developments from time to time – bringing new opportunities and reshaping the digital marketing space.

The companies that foresee these opportunities and plan ahead are able to lead the race, shared the while those who do not take on these challenges often fail to compete.

In this post below shared the insights on the most significant digital advertising trends in 2017 for businesses to get discovered and chosen online. If you do not rigorously follow all these trends ‘it might not hurt now’, but you must at least consider these to evaluate your existing marketing strategies and get them in shape wherever it matters most.

Facebook introduced mid-roll video ads
In the past two years, Facebook has become one of the top destinations for consuming video content online. In 2016, more than 500 million users had watched videos on Facebook daily – collectively making for over 100 million hours of video per day.

So, in order to capitalize on this opportunity and build on its revenue, Facebook started testing the mid-roll ads ‘in live videos’ in August 2016, which proved successful and is now running across the platform for all live videos.

Now based on this successful case-study, Facebook is aiming at convincing advertisers to buy ad spots in ‘non-live videos’ published by any Facebook user across the platform. And for this advertising opportunity, Facebook will be sharing 55% of the ad revenue with the video publishers, just the way YouTube is offering to its users.

For advertisers, Facebook is soon expected to become the most attractive video ad inventory given the massive audience and popularity of its video content.

Programmatic Advertising
In 2017, Programmatic Advertising is expected to grow by 31% which is faster than all other forms of digital media marketing (like, social media advertising - 25% and online video advertising - 20%).

Initially, programmatic marketing was used to reach the targeted users at a lower cost, without concerning about sales optimization (the quality of the sites where the ads were published).But, now it is used in combination with valuable user data – identifying those who are most likely to be interested in knowing about a brand (its messages or new offers) that eventually leads to a purchase.

Header Binding, for example, is the popular new technique in Programmatic Advertising that applies the user data, decision history and optimization of real-time bidding that ensures minimum wastage of ad spend, conversion optimization and therefore enhancing the ROI of these advertising campaigns.

Promoted Places in Google Maps
Google introduced this advertising concept in December 2016 for on-the-go holiday shoppers.

As per Google, about 70% of smartphone users who made a purchase at a store had first used their mobile devices to acquire information relevant to their purchase. And one in four of these buyers also used a map before making that purchase.

Some of the popular brands (including, MAC cosmetics, Starbucks and Walgreens) tested Promoted Places in Google Maps in the holiday season 2016 to feature their special offers and attract foot traffic to their stores. As a result, they were able to drive more targeted buyers to their stores.

This year location-based targeting would grow strength as more local businesses will dive into this form of digital advertising. The only challenge for marketers here is to tie together their on-line and off-line shopping departments –for conversion rate optimization by ensuring mobile friendly fast loading store pages and regularly updating deals/offers.

Apart from the above, digital advertising has more opportunities in store for marketers around the world – Virtual Reality Advertising, PPC automation by AI to name a few. With 2017 having just started, it is a great time to experiment with these strategic, creative, and efficient new advertising techniques. The earlier you start, the better are your chances to reap the substantial rewards of digital advertising.