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Go Where Your Customer Goes

Do you want to know what your customer feels? If so then you need to go where they go and be where they are. What are we talking about? Blogs, forums, websites, social networks, and more. Look at your site analytics to find out where people are finding your site. Understand where people are coming from and what they’re interested in to determine how to best design your website and write the content to meet their specific needs. If you’re not active in locations where your customer is, you might find yourself operating in a vacuum without any real understanding about what’s important to your customer. When they see you have a presence in topics and conversations related to what they are looking for, they will quickly see that you are an expert in the field and this will help you design your web strategy to meet their needs and demands. Every single customer has specific needs, but the more that you read and study where your customer goes and where your customer is, you will start to see patterns to lead you in the right direction.


Understanding your customer will help you know where to go to take the next step and to develop later strategies for the future. So, you have to read a lot all the time. Regardless of the content online, understanding where your customer is visiting is as a vital step to take when building your web strategy. Just another tip from the best web company in the world!

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