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Free Sample Thank You Note Book from Ultimate Resumes

Awhile back I wrote a post about an ebook of sample thank you notes that I wrote. I have received numerous requests for the ebook so I have decided to simply make it available for download on the Ultimate Resumes website. I don't seem to be able to put downloadable files here on my blog so you need to click here (www.ultimate-resumes.com) to get to my website where you can download the ebook (https://www.ultimate-resumes.com/files/Thank_You_e-book.pdf)on the homepage. Please let me know if you find the booklet helpful. Feel free to email me your comments or post a comment on this blog.

Some of the sample notes in the book include:

Business/Professional Thank Yous:
Thank you for a professional courtesy
Thank you for a job interview
Thank you for providing a lead, contact, or information
Thank you for doing great work (for a subordinate)
Thank you for your support
Thank you for dinner, lunch, or tickets
Thank you for your business

Personal Thank Yous:
Thank you for a gift (wedding, shower, other)
Thank you for hosting a meeting or party
Thank you for an introduction
Thank you for a kindness
Thank you for your sympathy card or flowers
Thank you from a houseguest
Thank you to a vendor

Happy note writing.


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