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Double Ranking + #1 in Web Design


July 2014, Buildrr LLC received an award from BestWebDesignAgencies.com. (A web design company ranking service).   We have been awarded the #1 spot, as the best web design company in their listings and #2 as the best web development company.

"We work hard every day, and this recognition of our hard work is very exciting." - Andrew Falso, Business Development Manager.

BestWebDesignAgencies.com states that Buildrr LLC is included in this list for it's consistent performance and superior services rendered to it's clients.  That they were able to find leading firms in the industry through a rigorous evaluation criteria that includes...

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Superior Services and Pricing
  • Customer and Technical Support
  • Response to Client Problems
  • Innovations that Set it Apart from Competition
  • Overall Efficiency and Performance

Do you think that our All In One Development Platform might be the innovation that they were looking for?