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Don’t Waste Time on SEO

Coming from a digital marketing agency like ours, that headline might sound like ridiculous link bait, but we promise there is a reason behind it, but let's start with a story...

It was circa 2005, we were in business for a few years and doing well. We wanted to show up high in search results and get more organic traffic. Back then it felt like that term "organic" meant "free". Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. It's anything but free, even if you only count the sheer amount of time you have to spend to accomplish a #1 ranking for nearly any keyword.

This probably sounds like a familliar story for any start up business though. You are just beginning, and you need more business, so you try to think of ways to get more business, and "SEO: (search engine optimization) sounds great. Not only does it bring traffic, but it brings an air of authority for your brand because a company like Google has graced you with a high position on their site.

It took some time to accomplish but we did indeed reach our goal. We were #1 for the keywords we were shooting for. How awesome right!

Well... here's the rest of the story.

As mentioned, we quickly found Google is gracing no one.  That those companies showing up high are earning it.  Earning every single branch they make it up the tree.  However, for every successful search enine optimization campaign, there are thousands which are a bust, but even worse there are just as many which are a successful bust.

What?  What in the heck is a "successful bust".  Well it's a term we made up (props to whomever may have used it before without credit).  It means... we also found out, there are a lot of companies competing for keywords that are worthless. Yes you can rank high for X keyword, just like you set out to do, BUT that keyword doesn't do anything for you!

That my friends is what we mean by, "Don't Waste Time on SEO".  It means, you only have a finite time to be in business at all.  You can't spend your time on things like search engine optimization only to find out that you were doing it wrong from the get go.  Not only is showing up high important, but showing up high for the correct keywords is even more important.

In our story, we've been able to correct and make adjustments because the market is big and there is lots of growth. If you're in a different industry, it could be a fatal death blow to spend weeks, months, and years shooting for the wrong goals from the start.

So don't waste your time on seo... do it right, so it isn't a waste of time. Do it with a top web development company, who has made mistakes so that you don't have to.