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Don’t Blame the Website

So, you have a beautiful website now, congratulations! The question is do you have the product or the service to match? You could have the best website on the planet but if your product isn’t all that great please don’t blame bad sales on the website. Now the first gut reaction might be to scrap your whole web design saying that that’s the problem. True, sometimes a website needs some tweaking to be the most effective, but it doesn’t define the success of the site. For example, Craigslist isn’t the flashiest website in the world, but it does its job and is effectively marketed to generate lots of traffic. Therefore, there’s a balance.

If you need a website refresh or you feel that your current website is just not doing what it needs to, please contact us so that we can help you with it. The point is if you are focusing on updating your website, but your products and services still stink, there’s only so much that a website can do. Granted, a fresh look on your products or services in the way that they are presented can make a big difference. It’s like serving a beautiful steak on a trashcan versus a plate of fine china. Presentation is definitely important, but regardless of presentation if the steak is poorly cooked, people won’t eat it or come back to eat more. Therefore, you need a good presentation and a good product or service to match. Then you have a winner! Just another tip from the best web company in the world!


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