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Can You Build Your Website Yourself?

You might have the skills to build your own website. The question is do you really want to? Having the ability to do something doesn’t mean you are necessarily the best choice to accomplish the task at hand. For example, with time and resources we could probably all build our dream house. Unfortunately, doing so would be outside of our reach for most of us. There are those who have the time and the skills to do something like that. When it comes to web development, there are people that have the skills to build their website on their own. The reality is that most people do not and most companies do not. Therefore, they make the decision to outsource this work to companies like our. It does cost money to hire a company like ours, but the alternative could cost you even more.

Build It Right the First Time

We talk to many people who try to build their website on their own or hired a relative or freelancer or an intern to build their website. Others come to us having outsourced their projects overseas hoping to save money and time. The long list of horror stories that accompany these types of strategies are so compelling that if given the opportunity to hear our explanations of why you shouldn’t to go this route you would not even consider it. Web design and development is what our company does day in and day out. To think that you can hire someone without any experience to accomplish something so important in today’s business world is just not realistic. Now we are not saying you have to spend a fortune to have a successful web strategy, that’s not realistic either. When it comes to the first impression of your business online, you should be prepared to invest in working with the best companies out there. The short and long-term ramifications of choosing a less than capable service provider are enormous.

When You Work With The Best You Usually Get The Best

Let’s say you are able to put a few HTML pages online. Do you know how to market it? Do you know how to design the webpages for popular search engines? Do you know how to create pages so that you are not penalized in search results? Do you know how to make the site compatible with multiple browsers? Do you know how to make the site responsive with multiple mobile devices? Do you know how to do graphic design? Resizing and retouching of images? How to create web navigation and a site map using XML? Are you able to link your information to a database? Are you able to secure that database? Do you understand which e-commerce solutions offer the best security for the money? Do you know where you should host your site? I think we made the point here. We know the answers to these questions and many people do not. Even if you hire somebody that’s been in the business for a long time it’s more likely that we have completed more projects than they have. We’ve traveled the majority of the roads they are just beginning to embark on. The concept of do-it-yourself is very cool, but not really the best when it comes to web design and web development. Just another tip from the best web company in the world!


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