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Are References Important?

Yes. References are important. Why? You need to understand that customers are doing business with the company you plan to work with when it comes to web development. The problem is any graphic designer can create a portfolio worth showing in a short amount of time. How do you know if the portfolio is legitimate and the company behind it can deliver the requirements of your project? Look at their clients. For example, Buildrr does business with large companies like Lenovo, companies with over 200 franchise locations like Mathnasium, and entrepreneurs like Audiojack.com. You can go to their websites, see the scope of the organization and then you can see the capability of Buildrr quickly. The projects are current, and the dynamics are prevalent. Our testimonials, client lists, and up-to-date project references provide credibility to engage us with an initial consultation, but they don’t land us our projects. Clients select us as a digital management agency after we provide them with a comprehensive consultation, a clear strategy, a written proposal, and then references.


Credibility Confirmed

Another powerful reference that is not related to a specific client is the amount of time your web company has been operating. A company in business for a large amount of time should be able to provide a very powerful reference in themselves. Economies go up and down, businesses will come and go, but only the best companies survive. This is especially true when it comes to the competitive landscape of website design and development and digital management as a whole! References are important. You have to feel comfortable and be able to prove that the company you are about to work with can achieve what you have planned. Just another tip from the best web company in the world.


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