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Agile or Waterfall?

Funny thing, I’ve been discussing various forms of project management and scope creep as it pertains to project failure. I argued that it is always better to modularize your development process into small deliverables and to have a core deliverable that would not succumb to change requests but would be delivered regardless. And to my great satisfaction, this approach is even a formal PM methodology also known as Agile.Agile methodology focuses on short effective iteration of a project rather then the long more traditional approach of the Waterfall model. The project is effectively split into smaller modules and developed much faster then Waterfall with RFC’s implemented instantly rather then waiting for the development cycle to conclude.

I have always considered that if I could deliver a small but functional core to the client and then treat the RFC’s as plug ins, the project will cease to be a behemoth and become a much more manageable affair.

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